The concept

Property operations & owner support

Besides the fact that it makes so much sense to share, one of the key benefits with 21-5 is that we take care of the stress factors typically associated with vacation home ownership.

The only thing you have to do is plan the next visit to one of your 5 vacation homes.




During the early phases of establishing a 21-5 owner association, the operations team monitors the acquisition of the 5 vacation homes. Contacts, POA's, contact to lawyers, accountants, insurance, etc. 

Up until the 5 keys are delivered to the 21 families and the homes are handed over. 

When the properties are up and running, our operations team is in close contact to the local authorities to ensure everything is on track.

Owner support

Our owner support team takes care of the ongoing support when the families are staying in their vacation homes. They help should anything unexpected happen, but they also receive feedback to ensure that any issues down the road will be, preemptively, addressed. 

The owner support team can be reached via phone or email 24/7 for any time sensitive emergencies.

Owner associations currently available

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