About us

Since the idea behind 21-5 was born in 2008, we’ve been determined to fulfill, and exceed, our families expectations. Our mission is guided by our values;



Our values

We challenge status quo
We are humble
We are authentic and we have fun
We always strive to deliver more than expected
We trust each other and the world we live in
We are enthusiastic and deeply passionate about our actions
We are decent and always do the right thing
We appreciate the present

These values are not just something written in a manual or placed on a wall, but rarely to be lived. All our decisions and actions are guided by these pillars.

Our values were written down in 2016, but are a reflection of how we’ve operated since the beginning. Our values are not something we strive to be, but a reflection of what we are and do every day.

We make dreams come true and enhance the life quality for our families

Our objective is to fulfill the dream of having great vacations at your own beautiful vacation homes and thereby substantially increase the quality of life for our owners/families.

Nothing makes us more happy than the feedback we get every week from our owners, telling us about their amazing vacation experiences, their homes, and positive impact this has on their lives.

We are very lucky and grateful to have developed a concept that brings such joy of life to our almost 400 families.

The 21-5 head office north of Copenhagen, Denmark

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